L.O.A 11,325m
L.W.L. 6,846m
Beam 1,906m
Weight 3.730 kg
Sail Area 45,53m2

Bambi has a mahogany hull and a plywood deck.


Knud H. Reimers, the designer of Bambi, took over the boat yard of Gustav Estlander in Sweden in the early 1930´s. Reimers is best known for the Tumbler, a one-design sailing boat that was popular in the U.S. His better known six-metre yachts include Silene II (GBR-67), Tara (F-20) and Bambi (Z-34, FIN-66).

He also designed several cruisers (skärgårdskryssare) and motor boats. Bambi was designed for use on lakes with light weather conditions. We are hoping that in the right conditions, she would be even more successful in Finland than she has been in Switzerland.


Bambi was built in 1946 at the Chantier Naval Portier (Meilen) Shipyard in Zurich. She was first registered with the CVSNG club in Geneva. Bambi has a solid racing record on Lake Geneva over several decades and below are some of her regatta results:

Championnat Suisse 1954 - 4/10
Semaine d´Automne 1969 - 3/6
Coup d´ Argent 1972 - 7/18
Semaine Printemps 1975 - 1/9
Semaine d´ Automne 1975 - 3/8
Coupe de la Harpe 1975 - 3/7
Memorial Copponex 1976 - 1/7
Semaine Printemps 1977 - 2/6

Bambi sailed on Lake Geneva until 1981. She has been professionally maintained over the years and was in good condition when bought to Finland in 2002. Bambi underwent a thorough renovation and modernization of her running rig at M-Yachts in Finland, where many racing six-metres are cared for.

Bambi participated in the World Cup in Sweden in 2005 finishing 9th overall with a one 2nd place and taking a 1st in one of the races. She has since sailed in the Finnish ranking races with a solid performance. Bambi finished 2nd in the Qualifiers for the Sinebrychoff Challenge and 4th in the National Class Championships in 2009.

The 6mR fleet experienced a small hangover in 2012 after the World Cup. So did even Bambi, and currently the yacht is for sale. See more information under the "FOR SALE" menu.

Bambi took a sabbatical year in 2013. She did hit the water, but wasn´t able to partcipate in any races.

Siirry sivun alkuun

FIN-66 Bambi

Seura NJK
Rakennusvuosi 1946
Suunnittelija Knud H. Reimers
Ensimmäinen omistaja
M. Frank L'Huillier


Omistajat Klaus Ilmonen / sunna.klaus@aland.net


Ranking 2023

1FIN 80Astrée IIINJK36
2FIN 74Lisbeth VNJK29
3FIN 12FridolinNJK27
4FIN 49Sara af HangöHSF/NJK24
5FIN 23Merenneito IIÅSS23
6FIN 39JolandaBS20
8FIN 51May Be VINJK15
9FIN 43WireMP/NJK15
11FIN 60OffcourseHSK9
12FIN 36JoyHSS9
13FIN 67DjinnNJK8
14FIN 30RailiHSS5
15FIN 38MarianaNJK3
17FIN 64EmziaSPS2

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