It looks like another quiet summer for TOY. Possibly racing only in Hanko.
Might get the boat onto an archipelago cruise for a change, depending on weather and calendar issues.

A mixed season with changing crew combinations and a number of drivers gave somewhat mixed results. A couple of flashes from the good old days, good pace and fun sailing. But too much rust to achieve any consistent regatta results. 7th overall in the national rankings and no international activity.

2011 plans never materialized as we were hoping. Skipper found himself in a hospital when the season started and TOY was helmed by a number of replacement skippers during the summer. The crew had good fun as always and Jali Mäkilä, the Thelen brothers and Pede von Koskull at the helm made the summer a very interesting and valuable experience for all.

5.5.2011 - new TOY crew for 2011 will see Eero, Mana and Jari from the "old boys", strengthened by new & younger blood - Emil Vartiainen & Krisu Rame. Some challenges still to be resolved around a couple of regattas, but we should be there in most of the 2011 events. She is ready to be launched soon - Woohoo!

- Meripurje/Tom Lindstrom is making some new sails for us, plans for the new season are under discussions and final crew decisions are taking place. Now we need the spring to come and snow & ice to get out of our way by May!

2010 The comeback took place after no practice or warm-up in the Hanko Regatta. Amazing first place in the first race proved to be a bit of a dream come true, after that things got more complicated and we found ourselves pretty rusty at times. A third overall in the 20-strong fleet was a good result after all and hopefully the grand old men will find some time for practice before the Worlds 2011!!

Nationals 2010 at Suomenlinna gave us another third after a bit of an up & down performance and 2 race wins. Young Emil Vartiainen replaced owner Kenneth at trimmer's position.

Hena, Johnny, Basti, Japo and Mana defended the Sinebrychoff Challenge Cup successfully and defeated Alibaba II in the final (2-0).

Season ending Musto Cup was sailed by a bit of a "greatest hits of the leftovers" crew... Eero at helm, Johnny W. as tactician, Mana on halyards, young Emil Vartiainen on foredeck and Six metre veteran Tero Harjula trimming... and after an eventful series of three first races we only had firsts on the sheet and decided to stay out of the fourth and final race. The summer had gone by way too fast once again and it was time to sail the boat back to Hanko. That actually was a pretty wet and wild trip! Mana and Eero got there after about 10 hours of speedy reaching in strong and gusty N winds. Thanks to Sara being sailed by Hena and Basti, we were not alone... see you all next year again!

2008-2009 Quiet years for TOYBOYS, Henrik & the boys sailing the boat here and there, no international appearances. After the rough ride in Cowes 2007, the boat went through a major refit on her hull and the rig was replaced by Allspars. A lot of headache was caused by unfinished job on the rig and we were only able to step the new rig 2010, thanks to local modifications and completion of the work in Hanko. The paint was bubbling off the spars and several basic fittings and holes were never made! The vang fitting came off the mast with a big bang at the end of the first season.



TOY sails in Hanko Regatta and the Sandhamn World Cup

2005 was another rather quiet but yet a successful season for TOY. In Hanko the grand old lady was sailed by Henrik Tenström at helm, Kenneth, Nappe Molander, Timo Laurila and Basti Blechinberg. The result was a convincing series of 3-2-1 and once again the trophy of TOY´s home regatta stayed in home town. This worked as a good warm-up and mental booster for the team which was heading for World Cup in Sweden later in July. In Sandhamn it was again time for Eero to return to helm as Henrik was staying as tactician - the fore pit crew would be the same as so many times before with Kenneth, Jari and Japo orchestrating the smooth manoeuvres on foredeck. Eero was joining straight from the finish line of the Global Challenge round the world race and was definitely looking forward to playing with old mates and the greatest toy in the world! Also the idea of some refreshing day racing and sleeping in a comfortable bed with all luxuries sounded like a good idea after 32 000 NM "wrong way" on a 72ft steel cutter!

The World Cup was not the kind of regatta that most of us were expecting. The winds were strong and shifting, making the results rather inconsistent for most of the teams. The only steady goer was the new replica Sun Ray, which took the title with a strong boat speed in fresh breeze. Especially on upwind the Danish boat in Hans Oen´s hands was unbeatable. TOY secured silver medals in the last day‘s race by taking a third place after Fridolin and Sun Ray. In general our starting manoeuvres were a bit rusty and too much was given away in some of the races despite of good speed and smooth crew work. Tactically we sailed well and could recover nicely when that was needed.

The wind holes and huge shifts caused a few surprises to all the boats and there was some chaos at times as the modern and classic fleets mixed into each other. In one of the races the Swedes on "Bertha" of Mr Engelbert showed some real suicide tactics when crossing the classic fleet less than 5 minutes after classic class´s start on port. The many recalls in classic fleet had given the modern fleet enough time to complete their first lap before the classics even got under way. TOY was forced to perform a panic tack to avoid a serious collision with Bertha and since the Swedes never took any action to correct their misjudgement a protest hearing was unavoidable. TOY had after her crash tack hindered Fridolin who was now protesting against TOY as they did not really understand/see what happened earlier. TOY´s protest was attacked by Swedes on all possible fronts and even Peter Norlin from "Jungfrun" as a witness gave some very "interesting" views in the Jury room. The owner of Bertha tried to get into the protest room to bring his influence into the handling where world famous Whitbread/Volvo veteran Gurra Krantz simply lied with bright eyes in front of the international jury. He even insisted to delay the hearing to allow his team to finish their dinner while skipper of TOY was hanging around waiting and getting very annoyed about the whole show. Gurra asked for more time to "familiarize with the case and concerning rules" and tried to call for some outside assistance while sitting on his own in the back room. His mobile phone was taken away from him. He never showed up for the final hearing and confirmed to be a "real gentleman" who hopefully stays away from this class in the future. Don´t cry for me Sandhamn. -Nevertheless we had a hell of a party on the beautiful Finnish Scooner Joanna Saturna on the last night - the laughing was so loud that some bypassing cruisers came to ask if there was a restaurant or bar onboard…

Even less action for the TOYBOYS than in 2005. The only appearance took place again in Hanko as the famous regatta was sailed in proper Mediterranean conditions. Hot and sunny days allowed the crews to leave their oilies and midlayers behind and we all were enjoying the days in shorts and t-shirts. Winds were either light or light/medium and TOY was in its element. We won all races with a new crew combination as Johnny "Puma" Winqvist joined as tactician and main trimmer. Henrik was helming the newly launched Sara af Hangö in her first appearance and was no more available for TOYBOYS. Eero at helm and the famous trio (Kenneth, Jari, Japo) in the front took care of the rest and TOY took a convincing zero point victory in the fleet of 14 boats. The first race set the pace for the regatta as TOY managed to perform a successful port tack start and took control of the fleet from the early moments onwards. Even the dangerous attacks by Fridolin with Henti Lundberg at helm proved fruitless. Two conservative and clean races on Saturday and Sunday crowned the event of the season for the happy owner and crew on board TOY. Eero probably was the furthest travelled participant ever in the regatta after flying in and out from Cape Town! Thanks for the great fun once again!


TOY sails in the fourth Worlds regatta under Kenneth's ownership. Conditions in Cowes are rough and we don't really enjoy the sailing as we ususally do. It is seriously cold and wet! The tide ruins the tactical aspect of the racing as it is pretty much one tack beats to the top mark, being lifted by the strong tides going across the course, then a one gybe run to the bottom mark. Not fun and definitely not feeling at home with these conditions. Some nasty gear failures ruined our medal hopes and the only trophy we got to carry home was the one for the most elegant yacht in the regatta. Thanks for your hospitality RYS, but we really don't think racing the classics in more than 24 knots of breeze plus rough seas is wise - disappointing that our msg at skippers' meeting was not taken on board. Having a world champion with a cracked back bone due to too much strain on the old ladies is not what we want to see... and we only avoided a disaster by a very slim margin as our forestay remained connected by some holy spirit rather than much material holding it in place.

NEWS 230903:


Toy was not the busiest Six this season. For various reasons the crew decided to choose only the most challenging (and entertaining) races to participate in and hence TOY got only three ranking regattas plus the somewhat lame Sinebrychoff Cup sqeezed into its racing calendar. The highlight of the season was without a doubt the gold medal in June in the World Championships in St Tropez. That was followed by victory in July in Hanko. Next on the list was Finnish Nationals in Helsinki, and also there TOY came out as the winner. Last race for the season was the between three skippers challenge race (based on previous results in the Nationals etc.). This finally happened between Antsu Kairamo (Mariana), Lauri Lehtinen (May Be IV) and myself (TOY). Results were after two races: TOY 1. & 1., Mariana 2. & 2. and MBIV 3. & 3. - the third race was cancelled and results remained as in the two sailed races.

In the Finnish ranking table TOY climbed up to a remarkable fourth with only 3 out of six races to her good. The coming season will probably see even less active TOY as Kenneth wants to only sail in the Europeans in Sardinia and I will be leaving the boat for now. Jari is also going to have a break for one season. Ex-Alibaba helm, Hena Tenström, will probably be steering her where needed. Season 2005 will hopefully be a bit more active with the Worlds in Sandhamn and I hope the boat will be defending the sweet victory in St Tropez with success. 2006 it's time for Europeans in the Finnish waters (still not confirmed by ISMA) and it's much too early to say who's going to be where etc.

I will be following the action through internet, don't forget to update the results on a daily basis or otherwise I might start calling you in the middle of a race... For now, happy sailing to all!


NEWS 060703:


TOY with two well known visitors to the yacht and the class, showed very consistent performance in the beautiful Hanko weather. 1999 World Champion (Alibaba II) Henrik Tenström at the helm and Henrik Bischoff on the halyards the new constallation showed steady improvement climbing a position each day. Klara Stjärna was having a firm grip on the lead after second on Friday and first on Saturday, but it was probably nerves that let the Porvoo Team down and they slid onto second place behind TOY on Sunday. Friday's winner Alibaba II could not finish among top three on Saturday and Sunday and hence got third in total. Kairamo Bros. and the Six Metre class's grand old man Rabbe Kihlman (one more of Rabbe's farewell Hanko Regattas!) on Mariana were a steady fourth on each race and also in total. Recently re-launched Fridolin showed promising performance taking a second on Sunday (although ignoring breaking the rules at the starting line...) and climbing on to sixth overall.

From the TOYBOYS absent were Jari (cruising in the Åland archipelago) and Eero (counting kids in Cape Town...). In August the crew will be together again to defend the Finnish championship from last year.

NEWS 250603:


Light winds and hot days were the name of the game in the Six Metre World Cup 2003 in St Tropez. For at least the Finnish participants, Alibaba II, May Be VI and TOY the World Cup was oddly the opening regatta of the season, or actually it was the tune-up regatta Coupe de Mediterranee, which was not really a very serious race at all (TOY came third after taking part in only two of the races...). TOY's performance was after all on its own level with series 2-1-(9)-3-1-1-1 and what ended last year in the European Championship in Denmark was followed by World Championship as the opener of the new season. There is now a new interesting trophy in the cupboard of the owner Kenneth Peränen as The President's Trophy (EC) will be joined by the newly located Djinn Trophy. It suits the FINSMA interests well as the yacht Djinn arrives from Argentina to Finland more or less on the same day as the trophy named after this famous American six metre now owned by May Be VI owner Henrik Andersin.

The rest of the season for TOYBOYS will be somewhat of a year in between as the helmsman spends most of the year in Cape Town and JJ is enjoying some serious family activities to be highly motivated to be on board again in 2004... TOY will sail in Hanko regatta under a command of a temporary crew including the fresh world champions Kenneth, Mana and Japo. Hopefully everything will click as planned and the boat with its very own crew will still be seen in the season ending regattas, Finnish Championships and Musto Classic Regatta in August/September.

2004 for TOY will at least include the defending of the President's Trophy in Sardinia as the Europeans will be held in Porto Rotondo in September.

Enjoy the rest of the season!


NEWS 180203:


TOY will be seen in the World Cup in St Tropez in June. The aim is to continue the unbroken medal chain since 1999 and give the contenders a run for their money. Great memories from the Europeans on the same waters only make it more appealing. Also there is a bit of local knowledge that was learned three years ago...

The World Cup will be the first race for TOY after the successful Europeans in Denmark last August. Nothing has been changed on board, only the bowman (Japo Halonen) is still not sure whether his place would be on TOY's foredeck or behind the pram of his new born baby boy... We'll wait and see as we already have been in contact to some replacement candidates. TOY will be launched early May in Hanko and the crew will get some test sailing and practice done before loading the boat on a KAUKO GROUP truck again!

After St Tropez TOY will be berthed in Hanko and probably will be seen in the archipelago for some cruising and fun-sailing while the racing calendar will remain empty. She might take part in Hanko regatta, but other 6mR regattas are not on for TOY and hence there will be a new Finnish ranking winner at the end of the season after three-in-row (2000-2002) by TOY.

We wish all the Sixes and the crews a wonderful season, and hope to see you in great numbers in St Tropez!

Eero, Kenneth, Mana, Jari & Japo

NEWS 080902:


TOY participated in five regattas and one long distance race in the season of 2002. The calendar included Finnish Championships in Helsinki in June, Helsinki Classic Regatta, long distance race from Helsinki to Andö, Hanko Regatta, Biomet Cup in Hanko and Europeans in Rungsted, Denmark. The targets for the summer were set as three plus one. The three main targets being to win the Nationals and Europeans plus to defend the ranking series victory from the previous two years. A bonus target was to win Hanko regatta, our home race and favourite event. We failed only with the last one.

The reason for especially wanting to win the Nationals came from the fatal mistakes done in the sail changing between the races in last year's Nationals. If you read our report from that regatta, you will find out that we promised Mariana a tougher competition for this year. It went all smoothly and after some very close and exciting races TOY got its first place with a series 1-1-(7)-2-1-4.

Helsinki Regatta saw some unusually pretty helmsmen in action and to start with they showed some unusually pretty results as well. Elina Eskola (my sister!!!) skippered Alibaba II to victory in the first race while 16-year-old Silja Lehtinen (my neice!!!) was at the helm of May Be IV and fighting for a place among top three for the entire race, finishing 5th. TOY was lucky to get an opening result as second as the competition was really close. Differences between the second and the fifth boat were marginal. Another second in the first day's second race gave TOY a good position for the second day. Winning the opening race on Sunday made it all look easy for TOY, but as so many times before the race wasn't over... TOY was early on the line for the last start and had to turn back. At the same time the course was totally wrong and there was no proper upwind leg during the whole race. In this speedway racing catching up the fleet was extremely difficult. Thanks to the strong wind and some smooth manouvering plus a couple of correctly timed sail changes, TOY could keep up an excellent speed and climbed up to a fifth in the fleet of 15 yachts. That was good enough to secure first in total before Mariana, Alibaba II and Off Course.

The long distance race was a bit boring with only 6 participants and rather straight forward conditions. TOY and Alibaba went on different routes in the beginning, TOY trailing Silene on the inner archipelago route and Alibaba following Off Course on the outer track. TOY managed to slip in front of Silene while Alibaba tackled Off Course. Klara Stjärna was waiting for its chance behind these four. On the opening of Porkkalanselkä, a rather strong squall hit the fleet and some "interesting" spinnaker manouvres were seen. On TOY it was the owner Kenneth Peränen himself who surprised all spectators by jumping on the foredeck like a young lion (we were all loosing our sense for self criticism after a few Gammel Dansks and "a couple" of beers). It didn't end quite as planned as the hanks of the genoa were attached mostly upside down on the forestay and the quickly shifting and strenthening puff was drifting TOY 90 degrees off the course... And things didn't improve too much as the next wrong guy (me) was sent to the foredeck! Anyway the squall saved AlibabaII from an almost sure "death" as TOY had been catching up nicely in the ligt downwind earlier. Alibaba's choice of route in the early stages gave them an edge for the rest of the day, and they never gave it away. Hence Alibaba II first, TOY second and after dramatic changes for the third place Klara Stjärna managed to sweep both Off Course and Silene out of its way. Tapani Koskela of Silene was afterwards trying to alter the list of results in a very questionnable spirit but these anyway were the results that will remain in the books and files.

In Hanko we all had to admit that it's not 100% sure that sun shines and the comfortable southwesterly blows in every Hanko regatta. We started in miserable rain and no wind on Friday, finally having to end the day without even an attempt for a race. That was the first time it happened according to many of our memories. Of course the wind picked up only half an hour after the commitee shot the day off. That's life. Saturday was a nice sailing day with fresh winds and a good race. Only at the end the results were slightly modified by the factor that the ones pushing their boats and equipment to the very edge won over those not wanting to risk anything at that point of the summer. Hence as Mariana took a crystal clear first, TOY served a second place on a silver plate to Off Course and Alibaba did the same on the fourth place to May Be IV. It was no surprise that the heavy pushing boats were just these two. They've been seen out at the sea in 14-15 metres wind playing "catch me if you can" while others decided to stay in the shelter of the harbour. We all get our kicks and vibes from different things...

Sunday was again light air and a race of great shifts and holes in the wind. TOY crushed from second at the first upwind mark to ninth in the finish, and had to register the worst regatta (if two races event can even be called so) result (6.) ever since the new era of TOY. Mariana was first, Alibaba second and Off Course third. TOY should have protested Off Course who totally destroyed TOY's start by blindly reaching on top of TOY, paying no attention to the "coming up" calls. Not so much for our own good but for the fact that a boat sailing like that does not deserve a third prize in any of our regattas.

Next on the agenda was the very well organized Biomet Cup which was sailed on Monday and Tuesday after Hanko Regatta in Hanko. Also the weather was now to the "normal", sun shining and beautiful racing in light to moderate winds. Most of the boats from Hanko Regatta dissappeared from the scene and missed the best regatta of the whole season. We were spoiled by the sponsor in form of open bars and free dinners in the evenings, there was a price for every boat (although not all were present for some odd reason), etc. TOY had an extremely close race with Off Course and Alibaba II and finally the series looked like this: TOY 2-2-2-1, Off Course 3-1-1-3 and Alibaba 1-4-3-2. Hence TOY winner, Off Course a close second and Alibaba third. Only three other boats (Klara Stjärna, Antinea and Irma) took part, and that should not be the case next year as BIOMET has promised to continue their tradition in sponsoring one of our ranking ragattas. The board of FinSMA has to find a more suitable time and location for the event to bring the boats back to this very succesful event. MANY THANKS to BIOMET and the FinSMA-actives, Lefa and Jari!!

The final target was to add a first in TOY's recent achievements in the international events(3rd in WC 1999 and 2nd in EC 2000) as it was time for the Europeans in Rungsted. The regatta was sailed in very light and fluky conditions due to a huge high pressure sitting above southern Sweden and Denmark. On two of the scheduled days no race could be completed for the classics and that meant long days out at the sea, having to squeeze two races on two days' programme. Thanks to the very professional commitee and the pleasant and warm weather, it never really got too hectic for us. Some more spare time ashore would have been appreciated, but after all we were there for sailing...

Three boats in the top finally had an extremely close regatta, none of them finishing once out side of the top five. Three-four other boats could here and there steal away top positions but due to a less consistent series had to accept a total result outside of the medal positions. The three top boats were the host nation's Lady Day owned by Lensbaron Niels Iuel-Brockdorff and sailed by a very capable and friendly young quartet of Danes. Elisabeth X, carrying the NOR-80 on her sails and Stars and Stripes on the flag pole, came again into a top position after a very impressive series and a superior boat speed in the light air. TOY managed to hang in the top battles in every race and hence was throughout the regatta in the top three.

Defending EC, Alibaba II had seen some crew changes and never really got onto the level of 1999 & 2000. Especially the second last day with two races became fatal for the Finnish team and for the first time since the boat's era (1997->) under Kenneth Peränen's ownership the crew had to accept a finishing outside of top three. The other Finnish Boat Klara Stjärna had exactly the opposite experience winning both races on day five, but had to include too many results outside of top five to her total score and hence couldn't challenge the boat at the top. Two Swedish boats, Räven and Fågel Blå had some close racing with the top boats but had to still return home with a sixth and a seventh only. But I believe already next time we will see a Swedish boat in the very top of the fleet...

After some nervecracking and extremely close racing in very difficult conditions, the final results were as follows:
1. TOY 11.75
2. Elisabeth (NOR-80) 12.75
3. Lady Day (DEN-58) 12.75
4. Alibaba II (EC winner 2000) 15.75
5. Klara Stjärna 20.50

The owner and the crew of TOY were presented a very valuable trophy - President's Trophy - for winning the Classic European Championship 2002. This Trophy has originally been presented to the winner of a Six Metre regatta in San Francisco Bay 1915, and it has been donated by the US President Woodrow Wilson. It's a huge silver trophy, standing on a wooden base, where the owner of TOY now may attach the first plate as a sign for the first Classic Six Metre European Champion having received this valuable trophy. Many thanks for KDY for finding and presenting this trophy to the Classic Sixes!!

That was the end for TOY's season and the boat was unfortunately not seen at the closing event of the season, The Musto Classic Regatta. We very much like this happening and social highlight of the year, this time just the time schedules and family responsibilities made it impossible for us. Our best regards to the fantastic regatta organizing team at Brändö Seglare!

Next year is still far away, but at the moment it looks like TOY will be taking it easy for a change and the plans at the moment only include the World Cup in St Tropez in June and Hanko Regatta. We will make final decisions later and inform our rivals and the organizers well ahead about our intentions.


NEWS 250202:


It's only three months away! Sooner than we realize it's time for good sailing and a lot of fun with all the nice people in the Six Metre circles. Can hardly wait...

TOY has taken its winter nap at Granström's boat yard in Hanko as usual. No major refits were necessary this year, only routine service, a couple of new layers of warnish, service the winches, change some ropes and double check it all. And off to the sea we go again!

The programme for the coming season looks pretty much like a "standard" one. We start with the Nationals in mid-June, then Helsinki Classic, long distance race, Hanko Regatta & Biomet Cup in Hanko, possibly Nordics in Sandhamn and early August the main event - Europeans in Copenhagen. Season will come to its end at Musto Classic Regatta in Brändö as every year.

Our preparation will include a couple of training weekends in Hanko, brushing the human rust off in manouvre training and having some speed checks with our dearest rivals on Alibaba II, coming back to the courses after one year's well-earned break.

The boat and equipment remain pretty much the same, we continue with the sail wardrobe from 1999 & 2000, saving some secret weapons for the EC in Denmark. The main target for the season is to develop as a team and do less mistakes than before. The rapidly upgrading level of competition and well equipped boats with new sails gives us a perfect challenge when defending the ranking victories from two previous seasons. We are hungry for further tight battles and eager to give our best shot in every race.

Wishing you all a very quick and successful winter/spring, so that we can soon see you on water again!

Best regards,



1938- Ingmar Nylund, NJK (L-44), Finland
1949- Johan Palmén, NJK, Finland
1952- P-E Hedström, K. Svanljung, NJK, Finland
1957- Aatos Järvinen, M, Finland
1968- Jan Björninge, SXK (S-44), Sweden
1972- Bo Verner, Stockholm, Sweden
1974- Magnus Flemming, SSS, Sweden
1980- Olav Remmer, MSF (L-44), Finland
1985- Antti Linnovaara, NJK, Finland
1999- Kenneth Peränen, HSF, Finland


Toy´s first owner Ingmar "Inko" Nylund was very impressed about Inga-Lill XXVI´s (L-41, Kyntzell-design) performance and wanted Toy to be drawn according to Inga-Lill´s lines. From the very first day on Toy has been known as very beautiful, but to her first owner´s dissapointment not as fast as he was hoping. Another explanation to the mostly average results during the first years was that the "sister boats" Anitra and Wire were usually helmed by successful "rockstars" while Toy was always skippered by the owner.

After her 12-year-long absence from the home country plus another five years on the Åland islands Toy returned to Finland and the original home waters of Porvoo as Antti Linnovaara became Toy´s new owner 1985. After a few years experience with the boat, Antti had her deck and interior renovated during 1988-89. Since then the boat has been performing as it was expected from 1938 on. The first and the only ranking regatta victory for Antti & his crew came in Hanko regatta 1992 in a fleet of eleven classic sixes. With a bit better luck they could have made the number of wins to many more since the boat hardly ever finished far behind the winner in the regattas during 1989-1993.

Antti's last regatta as Toy's skipper took place in Svartbäck, Finland, 1997. There she crossed the finishing line three times in a row before both of her rivals, Siléne III and Klara Stjärna, to celebrate Antti's farewell as class winner of the regatta. Greg Foster helped Toy in the first race as the guest helmsman and he was also seen at the farewell party in full action.

In 1999 TOY got a new owner as Kenneth Peränen surprised everybody by adding another beautiful classic six into his collection. Alibaba II had got a serious challenger in both beauty and speed contest.

1999 TOY only took part in Hanko regatta and the Worlds where the new crew surpised even themselves by climbing up to third position among the 33 entries. A steady series with no worse than a sixth and finally a victory in the sixth and last race of the championship took TOY into the medal podium, only 1 point behind silver medalists.

For the summer 2000 TOY got a new under water body and the serious leakage of the hull was history. Also a new rig and a number of new and more effective deck hardware solutions were completed. The boat was in a superb condition and showed excellent performance through the whole summer. In the season's opening event, the European Championships in St Tropez, TOY finished a close second behind team mates on Alibaba II. The rest of the season TOY dominated on the Finnish waters by winning all regattas, including the national ranking series and Finnish Class Championships.

Siirry sivun alkuun

FIN-44 Toy

Seura HSF
Rakennusvuosi 1938
Suunnittelija Gösta Kyntzell
Veistämö Wilenius Båtvarv
Ensimmäinen omistaja Ingmar Nylund


Omistajat Kenneth Varsanpää / eerolehtinen@yahoo.co.uk


Ranking 2023

1FIN 80Astrée IIINJK36
2FIN 74Lisbeth VNJK29
3FIN 12FridolinNJK27
4FIN 49Sara af HangöHSF/NJK24
5FIN 23Merenneito IIÅSS23
6FIN 39JolandaBS20
8FIN 51May Be VINJK15
9FIN 43WireMP/NJK15
11FIN 60OffcourseHSK9
12FIN 36JoyHSS9
13FIN 67DjinnNJK8
14FIN 30RailiHSS5
15FIN 38MarianaNJK3
17FIN 64EmziaSPS2

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