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6mJI Class Communication Strategy - To All Six Metre Boat Owners

At the AGM in Flensburg on 6th August 2013 it was unanimously agreed that we need to urgently review the Class Communication strategy in order to raise the profile of our wonderful boats so they are seen and understood by a wider audience.

We are particularly conscious that Beat Furrer who has produced the ever delightful CLASS BULLETIN for many years has indicated that he would much appreciate the Class taking a considered overall view, which would encompass the role and fate of the Bulletin.

To this end a small group of us, Thilo Durach, Walter Kuhlman and Thomas Kuhmann (as VP of Southern Europe) and Paul Smith from the UK, have volunteered to serve as the core Committee.

Views and input from others, particularly in the U.S., would be much appreciated.

The first stage in any such process is asking those who currently own and sail these boats what our vision of the Class and its future might be.

Once we have this we should have enough to allow us to define what we think those who sail in the Class think it´s about which should define what it is will give us a clear picture of what we are promoting. In marketing language we are trying to decide what the core of the attraction of the Six Metre boat is.

In this context it is very noteable that there are currently several proposals circulating for a 4th rule Boat and unless we have a clear idea of the values current SIx Metre owners embrace, it will be difficult to fully debate the merits of such a proposal.

Once we have a clearer idea of what it is that makes these boats so special to us, we can then work through various, necessarily low cost routes to achieve more effective promotion of the Class.

Clearly the more of us that contribute to this exercise, the more informed and weighty become the conclusions that emerge, so we ask you to give the attached questionnaire your time and attention. Thank you very much indeed in advance.

We would be very grateful, if we could have your replies by 10th January 2014, so that we can start working on analysing the incoming comments and to then develop our next steps.

We would aim to report in draft in time for the Spring Bulletin which will give us all time to read and reflect prior to the next AGM due to be held during the Europeans in Falmouth.

Yours faithfully,

Thilo Durach
Walter Kuhlmann
Thomas Kuhmann
Paul Smith

Please click here to fill out the 6mJI Class Survey regarding its future communication strategy. Thank you!

6mr 15.12.2013

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