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Boat-pool for World Cup Flensburg 2013

Dear 6 Metre Owners, as VP Southern Europe I contact you today to find out whether you have a spare 6 Metre available or are willing and ready to let the organizing Committee for the World Cup in Flensburg next summer have your 6 Metre to be used by another crew.

I have a various applications from competent and keen sailors, who would like to
participate in next year´s event, however do not have a boat available ready for sail.

Obviously the request goes into the direction of capable moderns, as well as Third
Rule Classics. But some crews would also accept a Second Rule Classic if that was
the only choice. Preferably, such boats should come from (northern) Germany and
neighboring Denmark to avoid big transportation-coast. However, if one of you wants to make a contribution to those people not owning a boat, one could consider sharing transportation coasts, or finding very cheap ways to get boats over to Flensburg from other locations.

I propose that those rentals should work according to the following frame-work:

• Owner should report to me that his/her boat is available and give the specifics.
• I would create a list and put it on the ISMA webpage and/or communicate it to
the applicants.
• Owner should state if and how much rental-fee he/she would like to receive.
• Boats should be insured for the transportation itself, liability-insurance and
accident cover, as requested in the Notice of Race anyhow, and it should be
made sure that this insurance cover applies also to charter crews. In the event
necessary, they should get additional insurance cover to make sure that there
are no uncovered risks to the owner.
• As I understand, the Flensburger Segelclub (FSC) expects many berths to be
available in their harbour during the holiday season, so that arriving "boat-pool"
boats could be berthed there under very reliable conditions, until the start and
even after the race.

After we have been discussing the "boat-pool" issue as a good value proposition for
the Class to make it possible for keen 6 Metre-sailors, who are not owners, to
participate in international events, I very much hope for your cooperation. My 2nd
Rule 6-Metre "Aloha II" has already been assigned to the pool.

Looking forward to as many nominations as possible, I remain for today.

With kind regards,

Dr. Thomas Kuhmann

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6mr 20.12.2012

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